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One Page Intro

Our musical “TESLA” offers a wild ride. Full of romance, drama, and vaudevillian fun, the show leaps from the stage as an “electrical spectacle”. Do you remember the electricity whirling around in the lab in the old “Frankenstein” movie with Boris Karloff? That laboratory was filled with small Tesla coils. Those coils created some of the most marvelous movie effects of the 1930s. Our musical features HUGE Tesla coils. Massive piles of metal throwing off lightning bolts in all directions. Lightning bolts that careen into the audience and across the entire theater.

We bring the audience into the legendary “White City” at the World’s Fair of 1893. We watch Nikola Tesla take on Thomas Edison in the War of the Currents. Edison egging Tesla to take 10,000 volts of electricity to prove his AC system is safe. Tesla takes a million volts! Right in front of us. Children scream. Women faint.

What about Niagara Falls? Tesla and George Westinghouse harness the falls to power major cities with all the electricity they can handle. And where are these falls? Right inside the theater. Millions of digital gallons hurtling down the proscenium. Splashing into the orchestra pit.

In addition to our cornucopia of stage effects, we have life and death and love and hate. But above all, we have music. Oh, do we have music. Soaring Ballads. Hilarious dances. Broadway belts and romantic verses. We have full cast production numbers that will dazzle the audience and stop the show. Have you ever seen the Statue of Liberty tap-dancing with Vladimir Lenin? Now’s your chance!

Tesla takes on Wall Street and Washington. Tesla takes on JP Morgan and J. Edgar Hoover. It’s a David and Goliath story. It’s a story about the smartest man who ever lived. How he invented the 20th century. How he took on the military-industrial complex and lived to see his ideas triumphant.

Moviestar-handsome, funny, and bold, our hero is besieged by women wherever he goes. But he is disciplined. He is a scientist in touch with the Future. He knows he has unique insights into the universe, and he knows he can deliver inventions to help mankind. He cannot be distracted. He cannot pull focus from his mission. He must avoid romantic involvement. He must keep all women at bay. But even he succumbs to the wiles of Sarah Bernhardt, the most famous actor in the world. Beautiful and brainy, she can have any man she wants. But the only man she wants is Tesla.

Inspirational and heart-soaring, our show takes the audience on a mystical and dramatic adventure that leaves them revved-up and wanting to take on the future.

Come with us, join us, as we take you from the 1850s to the 1940s. Through wars and wonders. Through time and space. Come with us now. Come into the Future!