Sounds of Yugoslavia

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Our musicologist, Brana Mijatovic, who is herself Serbian and very knowledgeable about a wide range of world music, has unearthed a treasure trove of authentic music sources to inform the writing of the the score for our show.  I am so excited to be able to incorporate some of the authentic music that represents the sounds that Nikola Tesla grew up with.  There are ancient traditions, stretching back to Homer’s Greece, that are still represented today in the land of his birth that, when suitably blended, are able to bring a powerful, mystical and evocative element to the contemporary score.

Brana is so passionate and also understands the socio-political dimensions of the musical styles we are researching. Stacey and I are grateful to have such a knowledgeable musician with us on this journey !

And have you checked out her pictures at the Tesla Museum in Belgrade?  Amazing!

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