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Tesla statue in front of birthplace and childhood home in Smiljan, Croatia.

On the heels of exciting developments for the show from Silicon Valley, I’ve just returned from a pilgrimage to the land of Tesla’s birth to do deeper research at the Tesla museum in Belgrade, and at the wonderful museum in his former home located in the small town of Smiljan in what is now Croatia.

In addition to being wowed by the sheer volume of material and inventions on display at the beautiful Tesla Museum in Belgrade, I was moved by the creativity and humanity that pervades the Smiljan installation. Standing in the very room where Tesla was born was quite thrilling, and experiencing the landscape, the home, the church where his father preached, and the overall atmosphere of this lovely part of Croatia fueled the Tesla fires even more intensely – if that was even possible!

Our Musicologist Dr. Brana Mijatovic, a Serbian-American (like Tesla!) music expert and Professor of Ethnomusicology also arranged a private concert/meeting with one of the foremost performers of the ancient musical form called Gusle. Guslar Veljko Djuranovic met with me and performed multiple pieces of music – music that was known to and loved by Tesla, and which is featured and woven into the present score of the show. What a beautiful thing to encounter this mystical and unusual music in such an intimate setting. Truly another great highlight of the trip!

2015 is turning out to be a pivotal year in the show’s development. Workshop is on the horizon!

Look for more exciting developments shortly.



Tesla’s childhood home and the church next door.



The church where Tesla’s father Milutin held services right next door to the home.

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